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Living Spaces 9

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Earlier this month I received Living Spaces 9. Thank you so very much for having the sequence sent to me. It is always a treat when I open my mail and see that there is something with your name attached, and then, well, it is a bit like unwrapping a gift, that moment of holding the breath a little, and then that involuntary first response in the first encounter. For example, # 7 (Southern California) had me chuckle, then pause, then hum… the photograph is such a feast of listening and speaking, and how much of that listening we do with our backs, a barely turned head, even the hat hears it and the ocean rolls in to listen along as words bop up and down the belly. Delightful — and loud!

There was also a picture that almost hurt — the last one, # 8, Salisbury, England. Perhaps some gestures ache us when we see them because they awake something we long for even as we might fear it? That gesture of reaching out, its vulnerability, — isn’t that always the most precarious and most dangerous first step in any reconciliation and also its grandeur de vivre? Yes, this picture has accompanied me, just like the Corconio Couple, through many nights. It will continue to challenge me, and that is a good thing.

Thank you again.


Rahel Hahn

EXPLORER-2-DSC_0025-copy1. Alexandria, Virginia

EXPLORER-1 DSC_0024 copy2. Alexandria, Virginia

Illinois-leaves-OLD-SLIDES-A--4-copy3.   Illinois

SUSPICION DSC_1009 copy4.  Northern California

SLEEPER-2 2010-11-28 at 08-57-45 copy5.  Northern California

PHOTOGRAPHER DSC_0778 copy6. Northern California

SO. CALIF-1 004 - Version 2 copy7. Southern California

PARK BENCH DSC_0893.NEF copy8. Salisbury, England

Copyright statement: William Carter papers, © Stanford University Libraries. Click here for a detailed usage guide.


Written by bywilliamcarter

June 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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