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Karin Rosenthal on “Causes and Spirits”

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Karin Rosenthal

Karin Rosenthal

Karin Rosenthal is a New England-based fine art photographer and good friend. Karin has been associated with Brandeis and other universities, teaches workshops every summer in New England, and constantly exhibits and sells her photos out of her studio and through her dealer. She is one of the most under-appreciated top photographers out there, a warm and wonderful teacher and personality. You can find out more about her and her work at her website here.

The following is excerpted from Karin’s letter to me dated January 18, 2012 containing her impressions of my latest book, Causes and Spirits, published last summer by Steidl.

The quality of the book is superb. Steidl did a wonderful job with the reproductions. The size, the heavy paper and overall production quality is everything I would have hoped for. I hope you are really pleased…Not only do you photograph superbly in so many genres from photojournalism to portraiture to landscape to nudes, but you also write exceptionally well.

With your understated, modest being, I feel very simpatico with much of what you wrote about, your values in life and your predilections in subject matter.

Some of my favorites are from the Bowery (p. 57), the Lower East Side (p. 69), Nevada (p. 85), Arizona (p. 105), Colorado (p. 111), New Orleans (p. 113), the musicians, the photos from So. Illinois, Dublin (p. 161), England (p. 171)…The one from Spain on p. 183 is such a tour de force in B&W with its use of light. I love many of the ones from Italy. Then there’s Kurdistan and Tibet, all photos beautifully structured and fine! And Iran (p. 233), a perfect photographic moment.

Your sensitivity, gentleness, and empathy pervade all. Bravo!…I’m proud to know you and congratulate you on a life well-considered and well-lived.



Yazd, Iran, 1998

"A perfect photographic moment": Yazd, Iran, 1998 Photograph by William Carter

Copyright statement: William Carter papers, © Stanford University Libraries. Click here for a detailed usage guide.

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February 23, 2012 at 7:31 pm

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